Donate a Dollar a Week

We're a global giving circle, centred on the belief that anyone can be a philanthropist.

Join our community today, with just one dollar a week.

Our vision

We envisage a world where giving is an integral part of everyday life.

We're small but growing, with a target of 1000 weekly donors. That's $1000 a week that can be directed to hard-working community charities.

Our mission

Our mission is to enable people to turn small contributions into meaningful social outcomes. By removing barriers to giving, we can all make a difference.

Our purpose

We're a platform enabling people of all income levels to become philanthropists. By attracting small, regular contributions, we help alleviate the hardships of underprivileged groups in Australia and around the world.

Our commitment

We pass on 100% of all donations go to the charities we support. We achieve this by aggressively minimising our costs and drawing on the generous support of volunteers and corporate sponsors.

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