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Where does the money go?

To maximise your impact, we vet charities according to the most pressing needs of the non-profit sector and the principles of effective altruism.

April 2021


Foodbank is the largest hunger relief charity in Australia. Foodbank links surplus food and groceries to people in need. Last year, Foodbank sourced 77 million meals for its charity partners. Foodbank is involved in critical disaster response, including in the recent east coast floods.

May 2021

THREE for All

THREE for All Foundation supports community-led projects in Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Australia.  It is making a large impact promoting human rights around the world on a minimal budget.

July 2021

Nappy Collective

The Nappy Collective is a Melbourne based charity with operations across over 60 Australian cities and towns. Their goal is to maximise the health and hygiene of Australian children, whilst eliminating nappy stress - when families cut back on essentials in order to access nappies for their children. They provide nappies for children experiencing disadvantage across Australia by mobilising communities, raising funds and encouraging social change.

September 2021

Gifts for Manus and Nauru

GFMAN supports asylum seekers detained in offshore detention with mobile phone credit, medical supplies, and online counselling through its Therapy4Refugees program.

December 2021

OIC Cambodia

OIC Cambodia provides a voice for the voiceless. Cambodia has more than 600,000 people with communication disabilities, but not one fully trained Cambodian speech therapist (ST). In addition to advocating on this issue, OIC Cambodia trains parents, teachers and medical staff, and is working to develop a university Speech Therapy program.

November 2021

CINI Australia

CINI Australia supports programs in West Bengal India targeted at interrupting the cycle of intergenerational poverty.
CINI's Child Friendly Communities program focuses on developing the knowledge and capacity of local women leaders, while its 'IICCHHA' program helps children and families overcome HIV.